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Lolita in Wonderland II: Lolita Through the Looking Glass

Lolita in Wonderland II: Lolita Through the Looking Glass

I am very pleased to announce that the second ever LiW Japanese fashion festival will take place on Saturday May the 14th in Bethnal Green, London.

This is a full day event running from 1pm ‘til late dedicated to celebrating Lolita fashion and it’s offshoots.

During the day there will be fashion shows, art exhibition, films and animé, workshops and talks, tea and cake, fun and games! And new to 2011: a special sales area with Lolita bazaar, clothing stalls and bring & buy sale!
In the evening there will be a loli club night with music, dancing, performances and more! There will also be a photo booth for you to get professional pics of your coordinates, refreshments, and a full bar.

Now seeking artists, photographers, performers, models, shops, sellers and volunteers!

Information for artists and exhibiting photographers

Needless to say, art must be based on Lolita or related fashions and be of a significantly high quality to merit being shown in a public gallery. We will consider artists from all over the world but you must be able to ship your art to us before the end of April 2011 or deliver it in person on the hanging date in May 2011.
All artists who work in a digital medium have the option of emailing their work as a high resolution picture file to be printed and framed by the organisers for a small fee. Please ask if you want more details.

The gallery is a small space with vast walls that works best with a smaller number of big pieces as opposed to lots of small works. Therefore potential art or photographic prints should be at least A4 (21cm x 29.7cm), but preferably A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) and ideally A2 or even bigger!
Exceptions considered for art in traditional (non-digital) mediums. Art must be framed or mounted where appropriate.

Information for designers, sellers and shops

There is space for a few designers to showcase work on the gallery’s mannequins, in the curio cabinets and on the walls. Similar terms apply in that garments and jewellery must be of a high standard and at the venue by May 2011. Designs shown must be original and must be in lolita and Japanese street fashion styles.

This year there will be space set aside for a few stands selling loli clothes and accessories, and potentially a bring & buy style stall where people with too few lolita items to have their own personal stall can have their items sold for them for a small commission (percentage TBC but definitely less than ebay/pp fees).
Potential sellers must let us know that they are intending to bring something for sale so that we can ensure there is adequate space to display items effectively. Things offered don't need to be Japanese brand items but must be of good quality and anything put up for sale must be clearly lolita or Japanese street fashion; if you have any doubt please ask in advance as the stallholders will have a right to refuse items they deem unsuitable. Depending on the number of people interested we may require actual details of items so we can make price labels.
This will be open to UK sellers only as clothes must be brought in person on the day and taken home again if unsold.

Information for performers, DJs, models and speakers

Performers of all kinds are welcome to apply for a place on the bill. DJs, musicians, bands and cabaret acts in particular.
We would prefer shows to be Lolita, fashion or Japan themed in keeping with the overall tone of the event. Priority will be given to those with good references/reviews, and for performers images or video footage of your performance would be beneficial.
We are looking for speakers and models, specifically people in a range of styles to be on the Lolita 101 panel and to do the fashion show. As these will only take up a fraction of the day volunteers for this will be expected to help with other staffing positions. (See below)

How to apply

You are welcome to apply for up to four different positions in order of preference and will probably be able to work more than one position if you want to. All volunteers will be encouraged to sell raffle tickets. You will not have to work for the entire duration and are not obliged to stay for the whole day if you are not able to but must specify this in advance.
Volunteers with get free entry into the event and drinks tickets, plus it all looks good on your CV.
If you already know boykitten or candy_influence, or if you helped out at the last Lolita in Wonderland festival or at other loli fashion shows and events, then you can bypass the references/feedback criterion.

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